A Really Nice Day

This morning started with a phone call from Johnny, letting me know that he was up and going, ready to head to his first day of work. He was hired at the end of November and had some training in January, but waiting for the job to begin has required patience–for both of us.

He is a program assistant at the Fox Valley Special Recreation Association, assisting young adults with recreational activities. Today that meant assisting with a Special Olympics Bowling team and then a regular bowling activity. The hours are light for now, but he will likely be able to pick up other activities and hours.

He has a light load at school as well: two regular classes and a 1-hour observation class. He needs to spend 30 hours observing programs for people with special needs. He can use some of his work time for the class and is also volunteering twice a week at Penguin Players, an on-campus theater production/group for young adult with special needs. He really enjoys this as well.

The next part of my day was a Refresh Retreat at Laura’s house. From 9-1, I participated in a Yoga retreat in the living room of her lovely home. During the solo quiet time, I was able to finally snuggle into an easy chair tucked into a corner of the entryway, right next to a grill hiding the biggest radiator in the house. When I first visited the house a year ago I could picture it as a cozy warm spot in winter–and that’s just what I experienced today. It was also such a pleasure watching Laura and Brandi lead a small group of women in retreat and listening to her heart to share their home with others, particularly as a place for quiet retreat.

I returned home to more rest and Johnny’s happy reports of his first day at work. He also opened several cards and notes from family helping him celebrate a year of sobriety. One year. He has also been smoke-free for a month and almost two weeks of settling into regularly staying at his apartment! Woohoo!

Lizi went out for the evening with her good friend, Siobhan, who drives from Elmhurst about once a month for dinner and a movie. Johnny headed downtown to see friends and we actually had an empty nest for a few hours!

We spent some of that time having a long, leisurely conversation with Annie in New Zealand. We watched Theo run-walking. He took his first real steps a day or so ago and is definitely on the go and mostly upright. He kind of wobbles like a drunken sailor, but it is really cute and funny. Charlee came to show us her first lost tooth and Simme came in to be comforted by her mum, but most of our conversation was with Anne, a rare, sweet time.

A really nice day.

9 thoughts on “A Really Nice Day

  1. Chris, I am so happy Johnny has turned a corner and is on his way up! You have worked hard to get him where he is. I can understand how joyful this day was for you.!

  2. Chris, I really enjoyed reading about your good news and times with your adult kids. Talking with each of mine on any given day brings me much happiness, and I’m sure you’re feeling that same joy tonight! Lunch?

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