Farm Girls


Today I took a long hike over the fields behind Anne and James’ farmhouse. I climbed a few fences and ducked under an electric wire at one point. Eventually I found my way to a dirt road, another long driveway and explored that until I could see it leading to someone’s house. This is a gully behind Anne’s house.


I have enjoyed so many things about living on a farm. There are a few things that I don’t enjoy–the cold, the mice, and the flies.

Anne’s house is the “old” house on the farm. It is plenty big (3 bedrooms) but poorly insulated. The bathroom/laundry room is through the back porch and oh so cold! There is no fan, so the way to deal with moisture from the shower or dryer is to open the windows and/or doors wide, summer and winter. That makes for some cold midnight trips to the toilet!

It also requires a strong heart, as the cats regularly deposit dead or half eaten animals on the porch or bathroom floor. Yesterday, I dumped a live mouse out of my boot, fortunately before putting my foot in it.

The house also has a problem with mold, which is why they are anxious to move. James has asthma and the house, particularly in winter, is pretty hard on him. (They are patiently waiting for the tenants of a better house to finish building and move on.)

And it is cold. Now that the heat is on, the house can actually be toasty, but the two extra bedrooms remain pretty cold. I’ve learned to sleep with a hot water bottle and thermals.






But for all that, it’s still a nice life here on the farm. I love looking out the bathroom window at cows. I love the peaceful views all around and the long walks down the driveway to check the mail. I get a kick out of hanging the clothes out to dry, especially because they never actually seem to dry out there and often are forgotten until the late afternoon dew (or rain) has drenched them again. Still, it’s a nice routine. (I’m told it is quite different in summer.)







Today when I started out the driveway from the house, my GPSs instructed me to turn right in 1/2 mile–onto the road at the end of the driveway. I thought that was funny.

TIMG_1182he views are always beautiful, though sometimes difficult to capture in a photo.But the best part is the quiet. It is incredibly peaceful. I can walk out at night and look up to see brilliant stars  (though less I expected because the milky way does not show up here) and a beautiful moon. Sunrises and sets are fantastic.


IMG_1095Our other “house” at the moment is at the Homestead, in Monavale, the main house at Capernwray where Anne went to Bible school. Although it isn’t quite so quiet, it is still is surrounded by pasture and remarkably peaceful as well. Here are some early morning pictures from there.IMG_1068



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  1. Do they have a microwave? A pound of rice in a man’s sock, tied, can be re heated every night in the microwave. I use one under each foot to warm me up. (And another on the bridge of each foot, too!) Even in a nice warm house, this warms the bed and gets my body relaxed for sleep. (Est 60 sec for each pound of dry rice)

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