I am a meanderer.

I’m not sure if that is a word or not, but I rarely take the direct route when driving. My last trip to Detroit took seven hours (without any stops at quilt stores.) It took even longer coming home. When I travel home from work, it always seems to take a couple hours. Fortunately, even if I work two days in a week, I only make one return trip home because my normal routine is to stay overnight in Elmhurst to avoid the long commute. (I think I just meandered through that paragraph!)

Today was one of those days. I left work early and decided to stop at a quilt store and Ikea, “on my way” home. On the spur of the moment, I stopped to visit a friend near Ikea. And then I set my GPS for home. I meandered through a bit of what I call “suburban hell,” curvy roads through the suburbs that catch you in their tangled webs. I meandered past a lot of fields and industry.

Before I knew it, my GPS had me meandering right past the farm where Laura and Taylor pick up their CSA vegetables every Friday. A light went on: We were supposed to do the pick up today. I called John to see if he had remembered (he didn’t) so I pulled in and was able to get our weekly supply, just moments past the regular closing time.

And then I meandered home. Right, left, left, right. Farm fields and housing developments. And then, I was on Hafenrichter, one of the streets bordering our subdivision. Home–with a smile on my face. What a lovely commute.

P.S. The sun was shining and the top was down on my convertible. I’m sure that had something to do with my happy feeling.

2 thoughts on “Meandering

  1. Hi Chris! I think I have a bit of a meandering sole too. George who doesn’t, does when we are in the convertible with the top down. I say “the” convertible since it’s not ours….yet. We have had possession of it for two years I believe, how that happened is a longish kind of story. It’s a Solstice that belongs to our youngest daughter who now lives in Indiana. We love to take off on nice evenings and just drive, and not in the city! We are waiting for Rachel to decide she is ready to sell her “baby”, we never ask, we just wait for her to be ready. She is sentimentally attached. When I’m alone I meander to produce or grocery stores, I love to cook and you need stores to supply your cooking needs. Just thought I share a little myself. Happy meandering!

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