No Drama

On Monday I took Anne and James’ car into Hamilton for a recall procedure. I left the house at 7:20 am and navigated to the Subaru dealer in time for an 8:45 appointment. They told me that it was scheduled until 3:00 but would text me if they got done earlier.

I walked about half a mile to a nearby mall and spent the day eating, reading, and shopping. About 2 pm I got this text:

           ‘”Just to let you know we’re running a little late with your
             car and may need it til 16:00, let me know if that’s a drama.”

I cracked up. “Drama” conjures up so many other images in my head that an hour delay at the shop seemed pretty funny. Or even that he asked that way. I’m guessing Americans might be annoyed by the suggestion of drama.

But that is the Kiwi way: If you apologize for something, their typical response is “All good.” When you say thank you, they will probably respond with “No worries.”

Actually, though, No Drama pretty much sums up my time here in New Zealand. I’ve immersed myself in Annie’s life, the life of a Mum with two little ones. We get up, change diapers, play, eat meals, take naps, swim, visit the ABS lodge or Monavale, do bedtime, and go to bed ourselves, hoping for enough sleep before we do it all over again.

The only drama we experience is the 3-year-old or 8-month-old variety which may be intense but only lasts a short while and is easily forgotten with all the cute smiles and hugs. 

I am getting a break from drama at home and from the drama of winter in the midwest. While Chicago went through a polar vortex, we enjoyed an Australian heat wave with temps in the low-to-mid 80s and lots of sunshine. One day there was a more than 100 degree difference between Chicago (-27 F) and Auckland (84 F.) I was happy to be on this end of the continuum. And I’m happy to be spending time with these sweet little girls.  

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6 thoughts on “No Drama

  1. wonderful photo of the girls. I can clearly picture you spending the day at the mall eating, reading, and shopping, with absolutely no drama. I’m not sure why, but this post dated Feb. 15 just arrived in my email.

  2. Wonderful pic, wonderful story. Live with no drama sounds like a nice place for you to be. Enjoy.

    Ditto the earlier comment – the post just showed up today, March 16.

  3. I am happy that you are having a wonderful time with your Annie and her family. The girls are adorable!
    I had to laugh when you were sharing about the use of “drama” in NZ. I just closed on my Dad’s house in Colorado. A few days prior, they called to say that there had been damage to a few tiles on a side of the house, due to high winds (95 mph). I thought it was tiles on the foundation, similar to tiles in a bathroom. It was shingles on the roof that they were referring to!
    It is always good to read of your adventures, Chris!

  4. The kids are sweet. So glad you are having a good time. I was worrying a bit about you and yours. The Lord gives so many blessings to outdo the hard times. love, Timmie

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