On Nurses

A nurse, John is not. But he did one important thing this week by looking at the big picture and convincing me to call the doctor a day early. And some other nice small things as well.

I was very dehydrated following the chemo, not eating, barely drinking. Not even reading! Completely smashed as my kids would say.

They had me come into the cancer center, did labs and gave me IV fluids. I went back today for more plus a ‘”piggyback” of prednisone. I can go back for more Saturday and/or Sunday but then we might go over the line of overfilling my tank,

My belly is bloated with ascites (though still no evidence of liver cancer) but soft and painless so even small amounts of food or liquid make me feel full. On Wednesday, they will drain it.

If we do another round of chemo (2 weeks) we’ll be more proactive about IV fluids to avoid a recurrence.

8 thoughts on “On Nurses

  1. I pray mostly for peace for you and John, for gratefulnes for long years with your family, for physical comfort and comfort as you trust in God’s good plan. Love you, Timmie

  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Chris. I am praying for continued comfort and a sense of God’s presence through your many challenges. Sending love, dear sister in Christ.

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