Persistence Pays

I know you’ve all been on pins and needles wondering whether we liked our paint colors. (Haha)

We (drum roll) love it!!!!!!!

The grey walls of the living room, kitchen and hallway were completed this weekend and I was very happy with the results. I still hadn’t decided on the accent wall.

I narrowed down the accent wall colors to two samples: “NightFlight” (a dark navy) and the “Newburyport Blue” which was definitely more purple than blue. I asked everyone for an opinion and almost every time they would choose the purple one. Every time they did, I had this contrary sense that I really wanted the alternative.

Last night, pondering it once again, I went back to look up the color online and realized that the paint sample I’d been given couldn’t be right. I decided to have a new sample made up from a store that normally works with Benjamin Moore paints. As soon as we opened the can, we knew that THIS was the color intended, not the purple hue. It is just the right balance of color and warmth needed for my accent wall. Perfect!

5 samples of grey and 5 samples for the accent wall. Persistence (and a patient husband) really does pay off.

P.S. I’m figuring out that this wishy washy angst over decorating decisions might be a function of age. I asked a few of my friends and we all admit to finding such decisions difficult now, when in the past we started projects and chose colors a lot more easily. We still haven’t figured out why that might be–just that we share the experience. Any ideas?

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