Released to climb walls!

I just came home from an appointment where my last drain and all my steri-strips were removed. I was also “released” from the super-sized, super-uncomfortable surgical bras that I’ve had to wear 24/7 for the last 13 days. We bought two “Genie Bras” (as advertised on TV) on the way home and that feels so much better. Sorry guys, I know that’s TMI, but I bet my women friends understand.

I was also released to start minor range of motion exercises which involve–literally–letting my fingers climb up the wall 4 x a day, both facing the wall and from a 90 degree angle, with a little extra push of maybe an inch beyond what’s comfortable. I thought I was already climbing walls. (Yesterday I spent most of the day in the living room to gain a change of scenery.) I’m looking forward to a few car rides and starting to walk as soon as spring decides to descend on the Midwest.

I was not, however, released to do any housework (aw, shucks.)

This week my project is to start working on my Christie geneology files. Last November I really got into researching my step-grandfather, Laurence Christie. I “met” some of his family in the Shetland Islands through Facebook and enjoyed reading a book about one of his brothers. Christmas came and I had to put my files and research aside. So now I’ve got some time on my hands, my computer,, and tons of paper to sort through. I’ve also got my two finished Christie quilts to keep me warm while I work. And most of my brain fog has dissipated so I might actually be able to invest some quality time and effort into this endeavor. My dream is to write a book about my Gramma Christie’s life and faith. Her second husband, Laurence, seemed a minor and less interesting character in our family lore, but I’ve learned some surprising facts about him and his family that really add layers to the story. Another dream is to visit the Shetland Islands some day. I may be adding a new category to my blog (understanding well that not everybody enjoys listening to geneology stories.)


This is a picture taken by Steven Christie of a “sundog” phenomenon in March 2013.




Cunningsburg2From the Cunnningsburgh History Group on Facebook. (Click on the picture to make it larger. Also if you go to my FB page and find this picture it links you to many more beautiful pictures of the area.)


For my Petersburg friends: the Shetland Islands are actually closer to Scandinavia than mainland Scotland, so consider themselves Norse descendants and celebrate something similar to your “Little Norway Festival”, though it looks a bit more lively. It’s called Up Helly Aa and involves a lot of Viking costumes but also a fire torch parade and a galley burning every year. Kind of combines my Scottish roots with our Petersburg experience 🙂

1 thought on “Released to climb walls!

  1. These are great grandma Marshalls parents? I’d be interested in hearing more! What a cool project.

    As for the bras, I was just thinking yesterday that the single most frustrating experience for me as a woman is trying to tighten the shoulder strap on a bra while wearing it. That little tightener thing is just out of reach.

    Im glad to see you are on your way to recovery. I hope each day brings a little more comfort.

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