Short and Sweet

I’ve been getting a lot of texts these days, short and sweet messages from across town and the other side of the word, keeping me updated on baby Oaks and the wedding plans. We use Viber for texting across the world and also for a group site to share pictures and comments about the baby.

This week I sent Anne pictures of the completed alterations on her dress; the Kitchen Aid mixer that arrived (sent from heaven by Gramma Marshall with a little help from Grampa); Lizi’s bridesmaid dress in two lengths to decide if it needed to be hemmed shorter; and the pair of Toms crocheted shoes I bought for her at Whole Foods. She sent pictures of the house they’ve rented and Laura posted pictures of Oaks and Kellen. In between the texted pictures were a hundred notes and questions.

Here is a sample:

Me: What about the meeting with the caterer?

Anne: That went well.

Me: So what about the good?

Me: Food

Anne: What do u want to know?

Me: What are we eating?

Anne: Lamb and chicken and salads.

Me: Buffet?

Anne: Yep

Me: No kumara at the wedding?

This week I also helped Laura and Taylor buy a van from my friend Patti, made plans for helping out with Kellen and Oaks, and send pictures of wood bowls that Laura wanted as props for newborn pictures–most of it through text messages and pictures.

Texting is great, but a bit unsatisfying. It works as a communication tool without the warm fuzzies (except for those little emoticons 🙂 I’m still a one-handed texter and I have to say that the use of the letter “u” for you (or “ur” for your) irritates me to no end. So does autocorrect. But it’s better than nothing so whenever my phone dings (Viber) or sounds Sherwood Forest, I’m there.

photo 2Another part of my life that is short and sweet these days is my hair. It is now seven months since the end of chemo. I definitely have chemo curls in my 2+ inches of hair. I’m glad winter is over because I have to wash my hair every morning to get rid of the “pouf” and I often leave the house with hair that is still wet and gelled. It’s going to be a great “cut” for the summer, but it has been a bit of a pain on winter mornings. (And this has been a long winter, though a lovely one.)

photoThe soft curls are nice but I’ve lost (according to Laura) the edginess that I had in December. I think that means I now look like this is my style of choice, not a “chemo cut” –and that I look more average, like other mothers with short haircuts.  I’m getting it checked and shaped by my hairdresser/friend Terese the day before we leave. (This is not how I wanted to look in the wedding pictures, but it’s certainly better than bald or bewigged.)

photo 1My moments with Oaks and Kellen are also short and sweet, especially sweet. Love holding that little baby–who is already not so little. I’m afraid that by the time we get back from New Zealand he will have completely outgrown the newborn stage. Kellen is short, a little less sweet, but a lot of fun. We’ve been hanging out at Chick Fil-A and the DuPage Children’s Museum and taking a few more walks than usual, trying to burn off some of his excess energy and contribute to good naptimes.


The countdown has begun: We leave next Friday for New Zealand, losing Saturday somewhere between here and there. We’ll arrive Sunday morning, get through customs and make our way to Cambridge in time for a 2 pm Bridal Shower. We’ll settle in and find out what our work assignments are for the week. One day we’ll be baking pies and other “light tea” items. John may be helping put up the tents and hanging lights. I’m guessing the week will fly by and we’ll be wondering how it all happened so fast. (I’m guessing that is what James and Anne are hoping!) I have a feeling that the month of April is going to be just that, short and sweet.



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  1. Have a wonderful trip! Every thing sounds so exciting. I am so very happy for Anne, and for YOU! I know that you will cherish every minute of the next weeks. God bless you whole family!

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