I will be sixty-four this week, so you know what song is going through my head.

Paul McCartney wrote the tune when he was sixteen and the Beatles recorded it in 1966, the year his father turned sixty-four. It was released in 1967 on their album, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I was thirteen.

And probably thought sixty-four was really old.

So, like most of my friends, I’m kind of surprised to find myself singing the song about a real birthday, wondering how we got so old, so quickly.

I’m going to spend my birthday working. Somehow that seems appropriate since I haven’t managed to completely retire yet. I’m taking it month-by-month and for now, it still seems like a good thing.

Will you still love me? Will you still need me?—I’m sixty-four!


P.S. I also shared a birthdate with John Lennon 🙂

7 thoughts on “Sixty-four!

  1. Happy Birthday Chris! I’ve got you by 14 months…so far, so good. I’m loving every day a little more, as I’m sure you do as well. Blessings for many more happy, healthy birthdays!


  2. Yes, I’ll still love you and perhaps need you. But I’m soon 86 and glad that I’m in the care of my loving Father. What I change in the world I’ve seen in my lifetime!

  3. I turned 64 in May. I feel much younger though although sometimes the mirror doesn’t agree. LOL. Have a blessed birthday!

  4. Happy birthday age is just a number and I know you are young at heart and besides you are younger than my mom. God bless and hope you enjoy yourself! It was nice seeing you last night. Thanks for all you do for my Gram

  5. You bet I love you! And after 40 yours, the Lord knows I still need you: you have been Gods gracious gift to me – can’t live without you! Happy birthday sweetie!

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