Welcome to Piecing Life.

I am a quilter, a writer, a mom, a nurse, a reader, a knitter, and most recently, (becoming) a cancer survivor. I love to travel, to relax on beaches and to hang out by my backyard pool. I am also a Christian who reflects deeply on life and God’s Word, asking hard questions and living with the mystery of all that I can’t understand.

Piecing Life is a place for me to write about my life using the metaphor of quilting as a springboard for my other musings. And sometimes just writing about quilting or traveling or one of my other many interests. I also love conversations, so please feel free to comment or write to me at [email protected]

I’ve always signed my name “In Christ, Chris” because my name C-h-r-i-s is literally in the word Christ. (Unless, of course, I signed it “Love, Chris” for other reasons.) I am beginning to use “In Christ’s strength” as my complimentary close or valediction. C-h-r-i-s is still literally in the word Christ, but this adds a layer of meaning for my journey. I am not only “In Christ” but relying heavily on His strength in the days ahead. So–

In Christ’s Strength,

Chris Hurni