Yesterday was Laura’s birthday. We celebrated with Lou’s pizza, cream soda, angel food cake and strawberries.

Today is my mother’s birthday, her second in heaven and first one that she celebrating with Dad there too–if they celebrate birthdays in heaven. Maybe the date of our earthy birth is not so important there, or maybe there are so many other things to celebrate that birthdays have little significance? Who knows?

unnamedThis week is Oaks’ first birthday. Just because it’s so stinking cute, I gotta share his birthday party announcement with you. Laura is great at coming up with themed party ideas. Kellen’s first birthday was a Moustache Bash; this one is going to be about Beards, plaid, and hats. I’m hoping to dig out the red Alaska suspenders Johnny had as a one-year old.



unnamed-1AND we are anticipating yet another birthday this summer. I wanted to write about it in my blog during our last “birthday season” (October) but Laura wasn’t ready to share the news. After struggling with miscarriages and prolonged waiting with both Kellen and Oaks, this pregnancy seems like a gift–a crazy gift, but one that is delighting us immensely. Since then we’ve had a gender reveal party (my first) at which Laura and her sister-in-law, Anne Marie, shared their news together by letting go of their blue balloons and hanging on tightly to their pink ones–amidst the screams and shouts of the entire family. (Laura says I was jumping up and down.)


I’m hoping for a little girl that looks like Laura did–31 years ago.


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