Every once in a while, I get to gather up the tangled ends of life and actually finish a few things all at once. This is one of those weeks.

I snipped off all the excess threads on my tartan, the final step in an eight week weaving process. I completed my class last week, cut the piece off the frame and had a quick lesson in how to make fringe out of the ends.

When I tried it at home, it didn’t go so well. That night I recalled seeing another weaver work with a tool so I googled “weaving tools fringe” and found images and U-tube videos on making fringe. The next day I called Michelle, a new weaving friend, to see if she had the tools (yes, many) and would show me how to use them. A few evenings later she stopped by with the tools, the know-how, and a backpack full of some of her completed projects.

IMG_0410I finished the fringe the next morning with my favorite fringe winder, this one with sheep:

The next day I hand washed the tartan and laid it out to dry. And finally, yesterday, snipped off all those excess threads. Ta-da!

I’ll post a good picture of the finished product later.


I am declaring “finished!” for my part (at least) of two home improvement projects recommended by the realtors: an updated bath and kitchen. In the bathroom, we stripped wallpaper, painted, took out our countertop (that covered the tub) and put in a new floor and vanity. In the kitchen, we painted the cabinets, making the whole kitchen lighter and brighter. A new countertop is next. It’s been a crazy-lot of work, but it is nice to have it done. We probably won’t actually put our house on the market til July or August, but it’s nice to have these things completed.

Lastly, I am ready to put the final touches on the baby quilt for Anne & James’ little girl. I was able to finish the top and take it to Longarm Bob who “got it done” for me in record time. I sewed the binding in place and will hand stitch it in place while traveling. I’ll post pictures of this later too, after Anne sees it.

As I write, I am sitting at LAX awaiting my flight to New Zealand. I’m done with months of preparations and now embarking on a TWO-MONTH visit with Anne & James. Baby girl is due in a week, though they are hoping she comes early.

James starts an ABS* session at the end of the month, two weeks after the due date. That is the reason they were hoping and praying for an early birth and also the reason for my extended stay. John and Lizi will be joining me for the second month.

A lot of finishes this week–and a new beginning!

Can’t wait!

*ABS is a six-week Adventure Bible School associated with Capernwray Bible School, New Zealand. There are three sessions per year, spring, summer and fall. This will be the fall session. The students tramp, kayak, abseil, bike, swim, run and surf and James is their program director. During an average session he is gone for 13 nights and pretty busy the rest of the session.


2 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Christine:

    Safe travels, and a speedy delivery and recovery to Anne. Enjoy the many blessings of your new granddaughter, and enjoy your time in New Zealand!

  2. Wow, you were one very industrious mama before your departure! Wishing you some wonderful days ahead. I imagine the baby can’t arrive fast enough at this point. Enjoy!

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