Maybe the Baby

Years ago, in Alaska, we learned a little game to play with babies and toddlers. (I think Richard taught it to us.) You hold the child–not infant–over a bed or couch and say “Maybe the baby” a few times while you lift him up and then one of those times you say “Maybe the baby go boom” and gently drop him onto a soft, bouncy surface. Kids love it.

For the last two weeks, the refrain “Maybe the baby” has been going through my head. Only we’re looking for a different kind of drop.

Maybe the baby?–ten days early Laura spent a whole day having contractions. Lots of them. Maybe the baby was going to surprise us and come early. Ah, no.

Maybe the baby? Five days later Laura thought maybe her water broke and was sent to the hospital to be checked. Ah, no.

Maybe the baby?–surely the baby would come by her due date. Both Kellen and Oaks’ labor started ON Laura’s due date (at exactly the same time: 2:30 a.m.) Ah, no.

Maybe the baby? Three days after her due date she had an ultrasound to check the level of amniotic fluid. They packed their bags, just in case. Initially, the ultrasound seemed to show that her fluid was decreased and they were asked to stay and possibly consider induction. At this point they still weren’t sure they wanted to go that route, and the midwife reconsidered and did a second ultrasound, which revealed plenty of fluid. Ah, no. Back home again.

(In the meantime, Laura’s sister-in-law, due one week after her, gave birth to baby Eva. Laura was there within minutes of the birth to take pictures!)

Also, in the meantime, we’ve had plenty of time to finish projects. I knitted two hats for the baby, finished her quilt, made a crib sheet, and today I made little sheets for her co-sleeper. Laura got all the drapes in her new house hemmed, hung and steamed. Now they are hanging the pictures.

We keep coming up with new theories for why baby is taking so long:

1) She wanted all the projects out of the way before she made her arrival.

2) She’s just a very considerate child.

3) She’s a girl–and, as Annie says, “you better get used to waiting.”

4) She’s a girl–and Laura wonders if she is just preparing her for a life of drama.

5) She is waiting for Father’s Day so she can be the ultimate Daddy’s Girl and start out with him wrapped around her little finger.

6) She is trying to secure her place as the baby of the family.

Life has been on hold for the past two weeks. We’re excited, alert, and sometimes discouraged. We know she’ll come at just the right time and that God is in control of all the details.

But in the meantime, Anticipation. It’s making me late, keeping me waiting.

Maybe the Baby, maybe the baby, maybe the baby–go boom!

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