My nightstand has become a charging station. My phone, my Apple watch and now, something new: my hearing aids!

I didn’t want to get hearing aids. I didn’t want to spend that much money on them (the price of two trips to New Zealand.) I knew my hearing was getting worse and decided to at least check it out.

The audiologist convinced me that it was time to get hearing aids and the price wasn’t quite as bad as I’d expected. The hearing aids she tried out on me were small, rechargeable and also smart phone/watch interactive. I decided to go for it.

So every night I plug in my phone, put my watch on the magnetic recharging circle and drop the hearing aids in their small station. I do this all at once to make sure I’ve removed all my devices before getting in the hot tub and I don’t put them back on in the morning until my showering and hair styling are completed. Who ever thought I’d be so techy?

I’ve also been able to re-charge while learning to “Reset” via our church’s sermon series, learning to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind” (and coming soon, “your soul and strength.” Daily readings of a Proverb, a Psalm and a Promise have been encouraging. The peacefulness of our home has been good too.

Johnny has been “out” for six weeks now, working for four of those weeks. He is doing well, but we haven’t been able to make the transition to longer term temporary housing yet. He has a lot of anxiety about living on his own and the process has been slower than I hoped or expected. We haven’t given him access to his car yet, so I usually spend part of Wednesday and Friday with him. He has tap on Wednesday night in Elmhurst and on Friday we check a few things off our list for moving forward. We are so grateful for friends who have provided a safe and welcoming place for him in the meantime. Please continue to pray for these next steps–for the timing, location and also for friends that can encourage and support him.

We’re also charging up for a fun and crazy summer: Our New Zealand crew will be here for three months, starting at the end of May. They have a wedding in Ontario in early June, six or seven weeks here in the Midwest, and then a month of traveling to Colorado and Canada to serve with one of the Capernwray centers in Colorado and hosting a couple of reunions in Alberta and Vancouver. We are excited to share our home with them while in the Midwest and will also plan to meet up with them for the Canadian portion of their travels. We’ve never been to Vancouver, so we want to take this opportunity to do so. We’ll also enjoy a road trip, driving our car home from the Pacific Northwest (early September) after saying goodbye to them in Vancouver.

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