Waiting Rooms

Many years ago, I heard Joyce Landorf talk about being in God’s Waiting Room. I really can’t remember what she said, except that sometimes God answers “yes”, ┬ásometimes “no”, and sometimes “wait.”

I’ve spent a lot of time in medical waiting rooms this year. (And poor John, even more.) Usually they aren’t half bad, reading People magazines (that I would never buy!) or patiently waiting for my name to be called.

This particular waiting room is different and not much fun.

I was told to “do nothing” for 2 weeks following the implant surgery and I’ve done a pretty good job of obeying orders. However, about Day 4, I started noticing that the entire right breast was turning a deep shade of red, similar to the skin darkening during radiation. It was a little itchy and warm, but not painful. I called the surgeon the next day and he switched my antibiotic, but when I went to see him today (Day 7) he was puzzled by it. It had improved slightly over the past three days so we decided to continue the antibiotics, add an antihistamine and wait for a couple more days. It’s not a rash, though it could be an allergic reaction; it could be an infection, but that doesn’t quite fit either. Another guess is that it has to do with the radiation in some mysterious way. So I wait.

We’re also waiting for the onset of Laura’s labor, patiently wondering when this Birkey baby is planning to arrive. (And how the timing is going to fit between all the other extenuating circumstances.) She seems to be feeling okay, tired of course, but healthy and ready. Her nesting is all done and I’ve got one hat finished. C’mon, boy!

We also are in a waiting room, across the span of half the world, watching Anne and James pull together the details of their April 5th wedding, helping as we can via the Internet. John was able to take four weeks off work, so we are planning to make the most of our trip there, but waiting for details to come together. Hopefully, we’ll be there 5 or 6 days before the wedding to help with all the last minute details. We are planning to sightsee on the North Island while they are on their honeymoon and then will join the newlyweds and James’ family for Easter (still on the North Island.)

And I’m still waiting for my hair to grow ­čÖé It’s up to about 2 inches now–and curly! My hairdresser taught me how to finger comb and scrunch so that it brings out the most curl. It’s has a loose, soft kind of curl that’s just short of spiky so I’m having fun with it. It just doesn’t work well with hats or naps, but I’ve learned how to perk it up a bit with products.

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