photo-1I finally went swimming in the ocean this week. In a wet suit. And swimming isn’t exactly the right word either, as I really just bounced around in the waves, trying to keep my head above water and the salt out of my mouth.

The book I’m reading, Bittersweet, actually begins with a description of learning to swim in the waves near South Haven. “…the most important thing I learned was this: If you try to stand and face the wave, it will smash you to bits, but if you trust the water and let it carry you, there’s nothing sweeter. And a couple decades later, that’s what I’m learning to be true about life too. If you dig in and fight the change you’re facing, it will indeed smash you to bits. It will hold you under, drag you across rough sand, scare and confuse you.”

The surf at the beach in Raglan was a little stronger than anything I’ve experienced on Michigan beaches. It had the strongest undertow I’ve ever felt and waves that erratically crashed about me. With a wet suit and a body board, I was able to jump over some of them and ride (not surf) a few. I was thrown around a bit but it was fun (for the most part.)

I’m also trying to trust the water, the changes in my life, and let them carry me where they may. Trying.

photo-2Speaking of waves, it is the 22nd (in America) so my day to report on my hair growth. It is definitely wavy. While I’m grateful for the hair and the curls, I still don’t love it. When I looked at the wedding pictures, I barely recognized myself. And I’m still a little surprised when I look in the mirror. So, it’s still a work in progress, waiting to see how it grows out and what I finally choose. At least now I know there are lots of options.

In the meantime, I’m trying to enjoy the waves–of life and on my head–wild as they are. And for some reason, these musical lines keep running through my head: “Waves of mercy, waves of grace.” I remember waving along with the lines, but not the rest of the lyrics. Thank goodness there is Google to supply the rest:

Waves of mercy, waves of grace. Everywhere I look, I see your face. Your love has captured me. O my God, This love, How can it be?

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  1. There certainly are alot of big waves that crash around us at this age….our parents’ aging or demise, our own health and strength becoming strained, and our kids leaving the nest, moving, marrying and making choices we didn’t expect. I find that these “waves” can push us closer to realize our brevity and God uses them to move us closer to the God, who ultimately is the One who loves us through every change and every loss. I find myself praying “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done”, not my will, not my dreams or disappointments. Hope your trip winds up well, and you have a safe trip bakck.

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