A Different Sort of Anchor

I am counting down the days and checking things off my list before surgery on Thursday. Except for the removal of my port (2 years post-diagnosis) this will be my final surgery of this saga. It is a completely optional surgery so I’m feeling a little weird about it.  I never thought I’d actually have “plastic surgery”–but then, I never planned on a mastectomy either.

imagesI won’t say much about the upcoming surgery except this: The surgical cuts are done in the shape of an anchor. I’m finding that really interesting since an anchor has become the symbol for hope. You know those necklaces or charms that represent faith, hope and love? A cross, an anchor and a heart. I’m just finding it interesting after thinking about hope for a few months that I will have an anchor-shaped scar.

So, here is what I am hoping for:

A quick and easy recovery. (The doc says I will actually feel “too good” and will be tempted to do too much. I’m hoping he is correct. I think I can handle that kind of temptation. I.e. rest well for the 2 weeks following surgery. No picking up Oaks, though.)

Continued health–and several more cancer-free years. In deciding whether or not to do this surgery, the big question mark for me has been whether it is worth it. If only someone could let me know the future. John and I have had some experience with spending money on car repairs right before the car completely breaks down. I hate the thought of expending time and money on this surgery without a guarantee of future health. (Unfortunately no one can predict the future. However at my oncology appointment earlier this month, it was nice to have the doctor come in and enjoy seeing a “healthy patient.”)

Some nice quiet days at home. I have taken the next 10 days off from work. I am really looking forward to staying home and relaxing. I hope I feel good enough to read and write and maybe do a little sewing and some genealogy. The last few months have felt fast-paced and I’m anticipating a chance to slow down, even if just for a bit.

images-1What’s next?

Maybe a tattoo?






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